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The number of pedestrian deaths are rising for a few key reasons

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Many Louisiana residents love to take walks, go running, and get around their neighborhoods on foot as much as they can. Walking is a great way to spend the day taking care of errands and getting from one place to the next while getting a bit of exercise as well. Unfortunately, being on the road as a pedestrian comes with several risks. The biggest risk is getting into a car accident. Reports show that the number of pedestrian accidents has actually been increasing each year. By figuring out why these accidents are actually taking place, we may get a better handle on how to prevent them.

What are some of the reasons that pedestrian deaths from car accidents are rising?

One big reason that pedestrian deaths are increasing is because of the increasing use of cell phones by both pedestrians and drivers. When drivers or pedestrians are looking at their phones, getting into an accident is easy. It only takes a split-second of not paying attention for an accident to happen.

Another big reason that there are more pedestrian deaths is simply because there are more pedestrians out and about than in the past. A lot of people walk for exercise, while others walk to help lessen the impact of driving on the environment. The sheer number of people walking means that there is a higher chance of people getting hurt. In addition to more people walking about, there are also more people driving. The fact that there are more drivers means that it’s more likely that pedestrian accidents are simply more likely. Finally, a lot of people drive larger cars, and larger cars and SUVs do a lot more damage to the human body than smaller cars.

Who can people turn to if they need help with the aftermath of a car accident?

People who’ve been in a car accident and need help may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience with personal injury law and pedestrian accidents. They may have strategies that can help people get both compensation and justice.

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