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Why you need an experienced car crash attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Personal Injury |

If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you know how incredibly stressful the process can be. Not only do you have to deal with doctors’ appointments, calls from the insurance company and police statements, but you’re also dealing with lost wages due to missing work and other inconveniences. Having an experienced Louisiana motor vehicle accident attorney in your corner provides a lot of benefits.

Claim assessment

An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney can use their experience at claim assessment to help determine the amount of compensation you should pursue. An experienced attorney can look at your claim at the beginning and help you estimate how much money your injuries may be worth in court. Being armed with as much information as possible at the beginning takes a lot of guessing out of the equation, making the legal process far less stressful for you.

Familiarity with the legal process

Even if your case appears cut and dry, there will still be a lot of legalities that have to be worked through. Countless forms, documentation that must be submitted to the insurance company and the court and other examples of legal red tape make it necessary for you to work with an experienced attorney. Having someone who knows how to handle the legal hurdles can expedite your case.

Exhausting all legal options

In some cases, your personal injury lawsuit may end up being tried before a jury. However, an experienced attorney knows how to negotiate with the other side’s lawyer to try to avoid litigation that can be taxing financially, mentally and emotionally. There are other options such as arbitration and mediation that can result in a resolved case that doesn’t include an actual trial.

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