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Study examines imaging for whiplash injury

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Although whiplash is a common injury, particularly in car accidents, it can be difficult to diagnose. There is not a conventional way to identify that the injury has occurred, and physicians might have to rely on patient reports to determine that whiplash has occurred. This means that people who suffer from whiplash after a motor vehicle accident may struggle to get compensation because they might be unable to improve to prove the existence of the injury. However, a study published on July 2 has found that it is possible to track the injury, and these results could eventually have implications for Louisiana victims.

Scans for signs of whiplash

The international study was conducted in Sweden and involved injecting a substance known as D-deprenyl into people who came into the emergency room with whiplash injuries after a motor vehicle accident. Physician then did CT and PET scans. They found that in the upper part of injured patients’ necks, joint tissue, muscles and bones took in more D-deprenyl. These findings were not apparent in a conventional scan.

Six-month follow-up

The patients were scanned again after six months and had improved. However, they still reported pain and lack of mobility. Another scan found that there was still some D-deprenyl uptake although it was lessened.

There will probably need to be more research into this area, and it would take some time before this kind of diagnostic approach was widely available. However, once it was, it could be helpful for patients who have been injured because of another driver’s negligence and are seeking compensation. It is not uncommon for injured people to struggle to claim compensation when they have injuries that might not be easily identified or that could take some time to cause symptoms. For example, it might take days for symptoms of traumatic brain injury to appear, and an insurance company might try to argue as a result that this injury is unrelated.

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