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Louisiana’s most dangerous roads

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States like Louisiana that have a large system of roads also tend to have high accident rates as well when people drive at excessive rates of speed. There are countless two-lane asphalt highways within the state, many of which are common locations for accidents when vehicles meet in curves. There are also certain intersections and stretches of road within the state that are more dangerous than others, and accident statistics have borne this out. Driving in the rural areas of the state can assuredly be very dangerous, but the central high-volume highways are actually more problematic, including the interstate system.

Interstate 10

Highway fatality statistics in Louisiana have shown that I-10 is easily the most deadly road in the state. It is also the most commonly used roadway as well, especially by truckers running east-west routes. It is the corridor that actually connects both coasts to the New Orleans junction even though it runs considerably north of the city. There were 121 fatal motor vehicle accidents on I-10 between 2015 and 2017 with 136 fatalities.

US 90 and US 190

While these highways have similar numbers names, they are actually not connected other than the fact that both are crooked in some areas and relatively narrow two-lane highways with major traffic flow. They also were the location for a similar number of accidents between 2015 and 2017, as US 90 had a total of 50 crashes and 52 fatalities while US 190 experienced 48 crashes and 54 fatalities.


Highway SR-1 is also a major thoroughfare in the state that saw more than its fair share of fatal accidents during the same time period. With 45 fatal accidents and 48 victims, Louisiana motor vehicle accidents attorneys have represented multiple clients who were at least seriously injured in the high number of mishaps along this road as well as the aforementioned highways.

It is also important to note that many of the accidents on I-10 also involved drunk drivers, which is still a major problem across the nation. Even on excellent highway systems, driving under the influence causes many deadly crashes.

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