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Reasons car accidents happen

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Preparing for a motor vehicle accident starts with understanding how and why they happen. Driving safely in Louisiana calls for you to be responsible and obey the law, and avoiding tickets isn’t the only reason to obey the law. Reducing damage to you and others is partly accomplished by following the rules of the road. Here are some reasons why car accidents happen and put your well-being at risk.


Distractions are one of the leading causes of accidents. Car accidents can happen in a split second. Being distracted for one second is enough to later see that your driving conditions have changed. Today’s technologies give us greater distractions than we’ve ever had. Scientists are listing and researching the most common areas of distraction, which include:

  • Eyesight. Anytime your eyes stray from the road, you’re considered distracted. Keeping your eyes forward helps you pay attention to road conditions and hazards.
  • Mental cognition. Your ability to process thoughts and then make decisions is cognition. Multitasking, for example, can reduce your mental cognition when you’re driving.
  • Physical control. Physical control deals with where your hands are on the wheel or where your feet are on the gas and brake pedals. Removing your hands and feet is a type of distraction as it relates to driving.


Fatigue is another leading factor that causes motor vehicle accidents. Fatigue is caused, in most cases, by too little sleep. Sleep deprivation occurs when people rely on fewer hours of rest than what’s recommended. Consciously driving while drowsy, likewise, should never be intentionally done. Being fatigued lowers your reaction time and invites the likelihood of you falling asleep at the wheel. Adequate rest, however, can keep you and your family safer.

Drive within the legal limits

Respecting Louisiana law is a good way of avoiding common errors when driving. Driving motor vehicles doesn’t have to result in injuries or damages. Planning your trips in advance equips you with rest, a map and an understanding of your local laws.

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