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Compensation for your car crash in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Personal Injury |

No amount of money can fully erase the trauma, pain, and losses one goes through in a Louisiana car accident. However, the jury will decide on the amount of compensation that can help you with your expenses and also in rebuilding your life after the accident. Here’s how compensation for car crashes works in Louisiana.

Louisiana car accident laws

Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by one driver’s negligence, essentially in failing to adhere to the set traffic laws. But, there are situations where the injured victim might have done something to contribute to the accident. For instance, let’s say you were driving slightly above the speed limit when another driver hits you when changing lanes on the highway. The court will factor in your driving above the speed limit when working out your compensation.

This law is known as “pure comparative fault.” The compensation you will receive will reduce by the percentage of your contribution to the accident. so, if the court finds that driving above the speed limit contributed to 40% of the accident, the at-fault driver will pay 60% of the total compensation you would have received.

On top of that, there is a deadline to the time limit in which you can file a lawsuit for compensation. In Louisiana, this time is usually one year. After that, you can only deal with your insurance company and pay for the extra damages by yourself.

The compensation you are likely to receive

If you win the lawsuit and the court orders the defendant to pay compensation, it will cover:

• Lost wages as a result of injuries or property damage from the accident
• All aspects of your treatment until recovery, including medications, physical therapy, doctor’s fees, and other medical expenses
• physical and emotional impact the accident had on you
• Damages to your car
• Predicted future expenses as a result of the accident.

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