Capturing Wins With Sophisticated Strategy
Capturing Wins With Sophisticated Strategy

Advocating For Compensation After Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

The impact of a road accident does not stop when your car does. When the dust settles, you may find yourself or a loved one dealing with serious, even life-changing, injuries. At Cortes-Johnson & Butcher, LLC, our attorneys understand that the real challenges are not just to your health; your injuries may mean serious personal, logistical and financial struggles that take years to overcome. Our team will not let you go down that road alone.

Our firm is a woman-owned, minority-owned enterprise focused on finding innovative solutions that hold insurance companies accountable in times of crisis. We treat you with compassion and approach your case with vigilant, dedicated and excellent advocacy. When you or your loved one needs legal support, contact us directly for a free consultation.

When It Comes To The Law, The Most Dangerous Roads Are The Ones You Take Alone

Motor vehicle accidents can be catastrophic, especially when there are complicating factors, like the presence of semi trucks, the lack of protections on a motorcycle or multicar pileups. At Cortes-Johnson & Butcher, LLC, our attorneys have over 45 years of combined experience with even the most complicated of personal injury claims. We can help you navigate the law through:

  • Personalized legal strategies
  • Evidence collection
  • Extensive research and innovative developments
  • Strong advocacy in court and in negotiations

You do not need to take on an insurance claim by yourself. You can draw on our resources for a top-tier legal experience.

Our Commitment To You

Speaking with a lawyer may seem intimidating, but at our offices, you pay nothing. Our fees are a part of the settlement you collect, and if we fail to get you a settlement, then there are no fees. We also dedicate a portion of our fees to local nonprofits. Call us today at 504-910-7243.

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